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How to Tell If You’ve Found the Perfect House

Posted by eSure Realty on April 10, 2018
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Buying a home can be such an exciting time. Depending on where you live, there can be so many choices, and, as exciting as it is, it can easily get overwhelming! Every house is different, even if they have the same floor plan. It’s a pretty interesting phenomenon, actually. Finding the perfect house is not just about how it looks, or if it falls within your price range. There are several other factors you should consider as well.

So, before you decide to close on a new house, consider these four factors that will help you decide if you’ve found the perfect house.


1. How does it “feel”?

“Home” has a certain feel to it. It’s not just about a beautiful looking house, or a great location. The right house has an almost tangible presence about it. You can feel it when you walk in, and you miss it when you aren’t there. It feels like peace. It feels like joy. It feels like love. It feels like rest. You can take it easy, take a breath from life, and relax.

Finding a house that can become a home is more important than just about any other factor. It has to be inviting, and it has to be “you”. More often than not, when looking for a home, you will walk into a house and it immediately “feels” right. Don’t ignore that feeling. It is elusive and more valuable than any other feature in the house.


2. Does it match your lifestyle?

Are you going to be hanging out inside your house a lot? Are you active, spending a lot of time outdoors? Do you like to read? Do you enjoy relaxing in front of a television? Do you hate stairs? Do you have friends over often? Your home should match your lifestyle. You should think about what you do on a daily basis and how your home supports that. If you love spending time in the city, you shouldn’t buy a home in the country. If you love privacy, you may not want to live in a duplex. Your home should somewhat match your habits and support your desired level of comfort.


3. Can you stay for a long time?

Are you going to love this house in two years? Five years? 10 years or more? Sometimes people buy a home because it is a “starter home”. That’s fine, but just remember that plans can change. You want a house that you can see yourself living in for a while. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your “forever” home, but if you make sacrifices on features or location because you think you’ll be leaving someday, you may end up living in a house that isn’t comfortable to you. Remember, you will be living in this house and spending a lot of your time there daily. The little things that you overlooked often end up becoming the big things. Take a long-term approach to buying a house, even if you aren’t planning on staying long.


4. Can you “grow up” in it?

Are you single and buying a home? Is it still going to be a good home if you get married? Are you married and thinking about adding kids to your family? Is your home going to support that growing family? Sure, you can buy a house now and sell it later, but buying a home knowing you can grow into it is a much better investment. And it’s not just about the size of your family or your relationship status. We all go through seasons in our lives where we grow. Some things we out-grow, and other things we grow into. As we get older, we tend to slow down a little and our perspective on life changes. We may change careers or social circles. The perfect house should be, not just about being able to grow into it, but also about growing up in it. Keep that in mind when you are looking for a house that can be your home.

Finding the perfect house can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Getting a “good deal” is more than just a number on a page. It’s also about a feeling. Find a house that feels like home, and one you can live in as the seasons of your life change. If you’re ready to find a home that has all the features you want, let me help you. I’ve been helping people find their perfect home for many years. Let’s find yours! Download my free home buyers guide to get started or just give me a call.

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