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7 Features Home Buyers Request Most Often

Posted by eSure Realty on May 1, 2018
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Are you thinking of buying a new home? Most home buyers have an idea of what they want and how they want their new house to look. To help you along, it’s beneficial to know what most new home owners are searching for. Some features are in much higher demand than others. Some things that used to be common in floor plans and home designs, are not so common anymore. Updated features and more desirable floor plans are on the rise. Here’s a look at what that means. These are seven of the most commonly requested features from new home buyers.


1. Open Floor Plan

Perhaps the most commonly requested feature that home buyers want is an open floor plan. In times past, homes were built with compartmentalized rooms with walls and doors separating them. Now, most people want a home that flows from one room to the next. For instance, one specific requested is having a kitchen that is open to the family room. In an open floor plan, the dining room also commonly becomes an extension of the kitchen. During holidays and family gatherings, the open kitchen feel creates a flow for people to move and interact freely between rooms.


2. Hardwood Floors

Carpet is becoming a thing of the past, at least it’s presence the main living space, like living rooms, home offices, and great rooms. More new home buyers request hardwood floors for several reasons. First of all, they are aesthetically pleasing. Secondly, they are easy to clean. It is pretty common, too, for new home buyers to rip up the carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring. This is also a great move because, although it may not increase the value all that much, it will help your home sell faster should you decide to sell.


3. An Updated Kitchen

An outdated kitchen is a quick deterrent to new home buyers. Home shoppers want a modern kitchen with updated appliances, stainless steel being the most requested. New home buyers also want granite countertops with a flowing design, floor tile with large square and rectangular tiles, or hardwood floors that flow from the main living space into the kitchen. An even trendier approach to the modern kitchen is a large island that also works as an eating space. Plenty of cabinet and storage space is a must, as well. Some home owners like the open shelf look, but it doesn’t appeal to everyone.


4. Home Less than 5 Years Old

According to USA Today, 40% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home that is less than five years old. The main reasons new homes appeal to home shoppers are lower maintenance costs and more efficient energy usage. Most new homes also already contain updated and more modern features like the ones mentioned above. Although you pay more, it turns out to be a much better investment in the long run to have the features you want from the beginning. Newer homes are also built by newer regulations and standards. This could be a huge benefit as safety and energy efficiency practices in home building change over time.


5. Storage Space

Open floor plans are desirable in large part because they compliment a clutter free environment. Things feel less constricting and more free. To keep that feel, however, also requires plenty of storage space. New home buyers look for a pantry, linen closets, a mudroom, cabinets in the garage, and most of all, a laundry room. In fact, a laundry room is the most desired feature in a home according to the National Association of Home Builders. The extra storage space helps new home owners have a vision for organization, making the hoe more appealing.


6. Home Office or Game Room

New home owners often request a “multi-functional” room in their new home. This could be a home office, game room, entertainment room like a home theater, or a recreational loft. This is especially desirable for families as it provides an extra space for children to spend time away from the adults. Home shoppers want a room other than the living area that can be used for multiple needs. Sometimes it’s an area to work quietly or it’s simply a room that offers a relaxing environment for entertainment. Most of the time this room is just off of the living room, kitchen, or outside the bedrooms.


7. Plenty of Room for Guests/Family

Multi-generational living is becoming more common nowadays. Many potential home buyers want a comfortable space to house a parent or family member, whether full-time or part-time. This is usually a guest room or living quarters on the ground floor with it’s own full bathroom. When people are buying a “forever home” or a home they will be raising a family in, having extra space for visitors is a huge plus.

So, what about you? Are these the features you would want in a new home? What must-haves are on your list?

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