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4 Ways to Make a Welcoming First Impression with Your Home

Posted by eSure Realty on January 1, 2019
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When it comes to your home, first impressions matter. While most people take time to ensure the interior of their home is inviting to others, the front of the house can sometimes get neglected. However, it is the first thing people see when coming to your home. You don’t have to do a lot to impress visitors and make them feel welcome. A few simple changes can make all the difference, and you don’t have to break the bank to do them.

Here are four ways to make a great first impression with your home.

  1. Paint Your Door

Your front door is one of the first things people notice about your home…or not. Most doors are simple and white and draw no positive attention. An easy way to solve this issue and use your door as an attention getter is to paint it a bold color. Red doors always stand out and give a great first impression. Of course, you could always go with another inviting color like blue. Plus, it’s easy to do yourself. Just remove the hardware, sand down the surface, and paint. Make sure you add several coats to ensure an even look.

  1. Add Foliage to the Porch

Plants can bring a great positive energy to any outdoor space. However, don’t go overboard. You just need a few strategic pieces to make a great impression. Place a planter on each side of the front door, hang some plants, or simply add a few potted flowers on a small table. Make sure they complimentary and don’t take away or distract from the landscaping in your front yard. Whatever you choose, adding greenery to your porch is an easy way to upgrade your entrance.

  1. Impress with the Doormat

A doormat is a very practical way to protect the entryway of your home from dirty shoes. However, it doesn’t just have to be a place for visitors to wipe their shoes. Add some personality to your home before some steps foot inside with a creative doormat. The most common way is to choose a doormat with a simple message like “welcome” or “the Smith Family”. There are plenty of other mats that range from funny to sweet and more colorful. The right doormat lets visitors know what kind of home they are about to enter.

  1. Add Some Inviting Furniture

Nothing gives an inviting first impression as some simple outdoor furniture. Even if you have a small front porch you can really make it feel welcoming by adding even one piece of furniture. A rocking chair or bench are both great options. If you have a larger porch, consider getting an outdoor table and chairs or a porch swing. Not only does this help make guests feel more welcome, it encourages you to spend more time enjoying the outside.

Making these small changes not only make your home more inviting to guests, they also help when it comes time to sell your home. A great first impression with something as simple as a new door or creative doormat might be the difference in a buyer loving your home or not. If you’re thinking about selling your home and want to make sure it’s ready to impress buyers, give us a call. We can help you get it perfect so you get the most bang for your buck.

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